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2022-08-07 Dylan Hello whoever is reading this. I'm a fourth grader that knows all about technology, and I use this extension to find the element for the game element that is used for online games. For example, if you wanted to find the url for just the game on an online game, you can right click, click on block element, choose the game, and the url to the game full screened will be right there! And I made a website that all my other friends can go to and play the games without it being on your history. Oh, and also, I embed the full screen game on my website that's why it doesn't show up on their history! This extension is AWESOME!!!
2022-08-06 lxad BEST ADBLOCKER EVER LIKE WOAH. ignore other ppls reviews they js bad at using the extension
2022-07-28 James An absolute must-have for browsing the Internet.
2022-07-21 Akhil Its unable to block ads of Amazon Freevee
2022-07-18 Kemikal It was working wonderfully for a while. However, after a short period, every search I did automatically rerouted to Google, even though I have Bing set as my default. Even going to Bing.com would reroute to Google. I have no idea what causes this, but removing the extension fixes it. I added it back again to leave this review.
2022-06-26 Blanca It works great, no complaints. As far as ads on edge homepage, there are none. I've never had any ads on edge homepage. This is the best all in blocker there is. It does not hog any resources. Updates need to be released quicker.
2022-05-28 Kalvin A must install to any system in my opinion
2022-05-24 Eddie Tres anos con el, excelente, bajo consumo de recursos. Recomendable.
2022-05-07 okman this has been the most efficient ad blocker I have ever used . doesn't bog down browser and blocks 97 percent of trash
2022-04-22 Nobody Lightweight, effective, customizable, perfect.
2022-03-14 Kevin Don't even think about using this ad blocker when doing survey sites for money. IT BLOCKS EVERY SINGLE THING
2022-02-10 Phillip Most important extension I use. I would not use any browser without it.
2022-01-24 Bertha Does not work at all.
2022-01-20 Austin slows down my computer
2022-01-16 Andrea worked great, but now i'm getting hulu ads.....
2021-12-23 Maciej Fast, efficient, and effective. Top quality ad blocker.
2021-12-11 Javier Getting ads again on youtube as of 12/11/21
2021-12-11 Emmett This is by far the best ad blocker I have ever used, no ads on youtube, or any other websites. I have tried lot of other ad blockers, but i mainly used ad block plus before this, and this is 100% better then ad block plus
2021-11-28 Moo Latest design looks nice. Hopefully works well again. And can never tell which store will have the latest version first.
2021-10-30 Panda This is the only adblocker I use and it works like a charm!
2021-10-22 Phil Can't review. Never received response!
2021-10-20 Joshua I can finally watch my ******* peace.