Grammarly: Grammar Checker and Writing App Grammarly: Grammar Checker and Writing App

Improve your writing with Grammarly's communication assistance. Spell check, grammar check, punctuation check, and more.

Grammarly: Grammar Checker and Writing App is an Edge add-on by Grammarly. It has 8,590,229 weekly active users and an average rating of 4.00. Grammarly: Grammar Checker and Writing App is similar to Kami for Microsoft Edge™ and Advertising Terminator. The latest version is 14.1017.0 and was updated a month ago. Grammarly: Grammar Checker and Writing App is only available in English. Within Edge Add-on Store, its overall ranking is #2.


Grammarly for Microsoft Edge offers real-time suggestions to help you write your best online, no matter what you’re working on in your browser. 

With comprehensive feedback on spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, and writing style, Grammarly is more than just a proofreader. It’s a tool that helps you write with confidence, find the best words to express yourself, and communicate your ideas with ease. 

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User reviews
The most reliable Grammar checker! Unbeatable.
Ambarish, Ambarish,
I absolutely loved Grammarly prior to a week or so ago, but there has been an updated version, and its correction is way off. It's hard to explain, but I am very disappointed with the changes.
Sandy Sandy
Hot garbage. Simplified. This was OK writing tech until last week. It is now not OK. The top features this week include poor support, a clunker of a desktop app that takes 60 or more seconds to open, and then won't sign-in. Add to the melee, a seemingly new, UI that presents suggestions in a totally new and virtually unreadable form for low-vision useers. Way to go.
John John
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